onehungrymoose asked:

X and Z

I know you’re trying to just be a tricky dude here so I’ll try my best. :P

X: Cyclone Xaver, a storm over northern Europe that struck in my last days in Berlin. Being far enough from the sea, Berlin didn’t have anything horrid, but we still felt the fallout there with heavy ran that turned into snow (much earlier in the season than normal for the area) and strong thunderstorms.

We had the going-away party for my school on the day the storm had just begun to reach us. I was waiting at a bus stop on the way home and we were hiding just inside the subway station entrance because it was a while before the bus was due to come. At that point, the rain was fairly light and there was no thunder, but I was zoning out and there was a flash. Angrily I turned to my friends and said, “Who’s taking pictures?!” because I was gross and drenched, and immediately after I half-shouted that, there came the loudest peal of thunder I have ever heard and it began pouring, absolutely pouring rain, like buckets of it.

it was pretty good timing on my part.

Z: uhh… zacharias barnham from pl vs pw

届かない想い 引き裂かれてく絆
何もなかったように 雲は流れていくさ
灰色の 水曜日よ
さぁ想い出して 輝いていた頃を
何もかも眩しくて 恋に落ちてた頃を
さぁ想い出して 愛し合ってた頃を
真剣なまなざしで 見つめあってた頃を
さぁ想い出して 輝いていた頃を
夢に生きてた頃を 愛し合ってた頃を